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Civil Marriage Celebrant – Wedding Ceremonies

Congratulations to both of you on your love for each other, your engagement and your commitment to be married. Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. Your wedding ceremony can be as formal or informal as you would like it to be.
I offer you a highly professional quality civil marriage celebrant service and ceremony with a genuine personal touch and my commitment as a marriage celebrant is to make your ceremony totally uniquely yours. I will provide my celebrant services at any ceremony venue of your choice. (Garden wedding, beach wedding, a wedding on a boat, in a park, top of a mountain wedding ,reception venues or restaurants).

Initially, my celebrant role is to meet with you so we can get to know each other. I will listen to your ideas, discuss and assist you to personalise your ceremony so that it is uniquely yours. Your ceremony day will be a day to treasure and remember forever. I recognise that no two couples are alike, therefore no two ceremonies should be alike. Planning a wedding can be stressful and tiresome, therefore, I provide a comprehensive meaningful sample marriage ceremonies, marriage readings, marriage poems, marriage vows, marriage ideas on additional rituals and other resources. The CD provides you with a stress free ease of access to information that you can access at your leisure to help you choose your own unique ceremony to your beliefs, traditions and dreams.

I offer ideas and suggestions on music and the roles you may want your family members or guests to have in your ceremony. I will attend a rehearsal to ensure that everyone in the wedding party is comfortable with their role.

Alternatively you can write your own special marriage ceremony content that can be read by me (your celebrant), you or your chosen person to make the marriage ceremony uniquely yours and meets with your personal, family or cultural customs and beliefs. Your personal input for your marriage ceremony is very important and encouraged to make the ceremony uniquely yours.

As a marriage celebrant, I am personally committed to and legally bound to comply with the Marriage Act 1963, the Marriage Regulations 1961, and the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants. My celebrant commitment ensures that all legal requirements are met prior to and during your marriage ceremony and that all legal marriage requirements are met prior to and during your marriage ceremony and that your marriage complies with all Australian legal requirements.

I will make myself available to you at all times for any queries and to progressively develop your ceremony to your specific requirements. I will meet with you and your wedding party for a full wedding rehearsal. I recommend a rehearsal so that we have the opportunity for everyone to become familiar with the ceremony and their responsibilities during the ceremony.

On your Wedding Day, I will arrive an hour early to setup and to as your celebrant, personally check that everything is in order to ensure your entire marriage ceremony is as planned. After your marriage ceremony and the signing of the register, I will provide you with your Certificate of Marriage and a full copy of your marriage ceremony in a special customised folder with a special marriage guest register included for your guests to sign. As your celebrant, I will submit all your legal paperwork for registration to the Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages within the legal binding 14 day time line.

I will need to obtain relevant legal information from you to complete the legal requirements for you marriage in Australia and submit your legal documentation as required by law to Births Deaths and Marriages immediately after your wedding ceremony.

Legal Documentation
Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM)

Once confirmation of the time and date for your wedding has been established, the legal Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) should be completed, signed, witnessed and lodged with your Celebrant no later than one month and one day prior to your ceremony and no earlier than eighteen months prior to the wedding day. You will need to provide
• A: an original or extract copy of your birth certificates.
• B: divorce papers and⁄or death certificates if either party has been married before.
• C: photo ID (driver's licence, passport) to confirm your identity.

You may visit the Attorney General's website to download the NOIM form


Before the marriage takes place, you will be required to sign the Declarations which is on the back of the Official Marriage Certificate.

I usually ask you to do this when we are discussing the final wording at your rehearsal for the prestige package and will require the couple to organise a meeting time to sign the Declaration at my office prior within the week prior to your ceremony.
See my Fees page for details on the Budget and Prestige package.

Certificate of Marriage

On your Wedding Day the bride, groom and their 2 witnesses (over the age of 18) will be required to sign three documents - the Official Marriage Certificate, the Marriage Register and the Certificate of Marriage that I present to you on your wedding day. The certificate that I provide you on the day of your ceremony is a keepsake certificate only. This certificate will not be accepted by most banks for bank accounts nor for your passport. To obtain your official certificate of marriage, you can apply for a certificate at Births, Deaths and Marriages. I provide you with an email after your wedding daty with the application form attached. This way the form is available to you upon your return from you honeymoon to complete and submit at your leisure.

Spouse Visa Applications

To apply for a spouse visa application you will require a letter to the Department of Immigration. You will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form, I will then provide you with a letter addressed to the Department of Immigration stating that you have lodged the necessary forms with the date and time of your wedding. When approval is granted we can then meet and discuss your wedding. There is a fee for this service.